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Considering working with me? I'd love to hear from you! You can request a callback here, or book a Discovery Call at a time that suits you. 


A coaching arrangement is a significant emotional, financial and practical commitment. A Discovery Call gives us both an opportunity to find out more about each other, and for you to experience my coaching style in practice. We'll start to explore the specific connection issues you are facing - ​unpacking 'what's worked' and 'what hasn't' for you in the past, and uncovering new insight to help you understand what's really going on. We'll also agree 1-2 actions to help you make rapid, tangible progress towards a compelling, alternative future vision for where you want to be in your relationships with family and friends. If you decide you'd like to know more, then at that point we can spend a bit of time talking about coaching options, checking that working with me is going to be the right way to get you the support you're looking for. 

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  • A short, free coaching session and a chance to explore options to work...

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You can use this form to request a callback so that we can talk about the coaching options that might be most suitable for you. If you'd like a callback, leave your details below (including your time zone and availability) and we'll make it happen! You can also use this form to request more information about any of my courses, retreats or other coaching services. 

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'Courage, compassion and connection will be my constant companions.'

Brene Brown

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